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Mainstay Monday: The Biggest Losers

The Biggest Losers of Donald Trump's Inauguration are Rappers

Let me start off by saying that this is going to be a bit of a long one so bear with me. The payoff to this joke probably won't be worth it but then again I'm not a comedian. It's really hard, especially when life more times than not, is the joke. Nihilism, hello darkness my old friend. I like that, that'll likely be the next title of my next mainstay. Here's hoping I remember.

Donald Trump. An imperative sentence. It speaks volumes. Especially if you're American. At least for now. Here, in this current era. Love or hate the individual, he's a man that's quickly transcending even the confines of being a symbol. At some point in time the man stopped being a man and started to be something, more? Or less depending on who you ask. There are people calling him the "worst of America" or a "Nazi" or "evil" and it baffles me how so much vitriol can spray from the same people who are trying to promote understanding and empathy. The hypocrisy is suffocating. Hyperbole doesn't hold enough weight to describe what's slung into the ether that is the internet. It's gotten to the point where I can almost guarantee that if this made it to enough eyes, an immediate condemnation of my person would take place. An assumption that I was an apologist or even more ludicrous, a supporter of the current President of the United States of America. It's laughable but perhaps more sad that this is what it took to bring to light the divide that has existed in this country since perhaps its very beginning. Not terrorist attacks, not systematic oppression, but the election of what amounts to an open sore. An American who's more honest in his lies than most of his detractors would ever admit of themselves but that's not exactly the point of this. The point of this is to push a joke whose payoff burdened by leagues of emotionally charged political rhetoric. That sounds nice but means little. Just go with it.

Reading is a forgotten art it seems. I don't hate Donald Trump because I've taken the time to try to understand the man. Honestly, it's likely more so since so much of my feed has dedicated itself to hatred to the level of publicly calling for the man to kill himself, that I've even found some sympathy for the "devil." I suffer from depression. I've mentioned it numerous times. You know what I don't quite talk about all that often though? The fact that people can affect my outlook on the world when then put me down. When they tell me how little I'm worth. When they utter things like "kill yourself." Words filled with such hatred and disgust are my generation’s lashes on my back. As a slave to a system that grants privilege to the wealthy and hardship to those that can do little but struggle to stay alive, I haven't forgotten all I've had to do to get to where I am today. I can't forget all I've been through to wake up every morning. It hurts. It hurts and scars and makes carry all this emotional baggage that much more difficult. But he's not a person right? He's a symbol of hatred so why should he be granted understanding, compassion? He's ignorant and instead of trying to help him, let’s vilify and destroy? How does that make sense? How can so many people not see how they are perpetrating the same cycle that creates people like him in the first place? He's flawed and emotional but he's human so it's allowed. He has made mistakes in the past but continues to move forward, trying to do what we all are trying to do. He's trying to live. He saw something wrong with the way things were and charged forward because he believed he could do something about it. He secured the vote of like-minded individuals and is doing what he believes is necessary for the world he perceives. Just as every President before him has in their own way. Except it's as though the roles have reversed. As if we are in some bizarre mirror world where the people who were supposed to be above the pettiness of oppressors and bullies have now become just that. How can I be expected to have pride in a group that decries those with differing opinions as racists/misogynists/homophobes and condone assaulting others on the street because they represent something that doesn't fit into the ideal world this wish for? How are they any better than the bullies I've faced in my life from adolescence to adulthood? How are they better than the people that make fun of me when all I try to do is my best with what I've been given? How are they any better than ANYONE who think it's better to CONDEMN someone before ever trying to HELP them? Sorry. I just don't see how anyone could honestly take pride in that.

If anyone has gotten to this point, I hope it's appreciated how the first letter of each of the previous paragraphs frame this final one. So, on to the joke. The thing is that this is America I'm talking about. Adversity, division, hardship, it all just serves to temper the country, strengthen resolves. Whatever comes from this will lead to a stronger, greater country than was started with so long as it in the end can find a way to come together and truly embrace itself for what it is, the sum of ALL of it's parts. Any with that, it's kind of niche to any of the fans of "Young Jeezy" but the reason why rappers are the real losers of Donald Trump's election as President of the United States of America is because, simply put, nothing rhymes with orange.