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DHT: Welcome to the Cyber Era

Been a while since I've done one of these. Been even longer since I've bothered to do legit research beforehand. Reminds me why I don't do these as much. Okay, enough stall. "DHT" or Digital Human Trafficking is topic of this little jaunt. Enjoy.

The topic's coming up because of the recent passing of the FOSTA-SESTA bill(s) in the US. What makes this worthy of the 2.0 moniker however is of course the twist. The bills essentially target websites in what many have been decried as a misguided attempt to "do good" which ultimately, like everything else attempted by the current ruling government could be said to be, "...doing more harm than good." Sort of like that run-on sentence just now. There's more than enough coverage of the negatives of the bill. There's more than enough coverage of how the name of the bill justifies itself from the other side. But that's probably what brought me to the conclusions I'm about to share. It would appear that we've reached the point where the "crusties"--read as old crusty dudes in power--have come to accept, at least in part, that the internet isn't a fad. At this rate though it would seem like it's gearing up to blow the lid off what it has been all along. Another global power in and of itself. The internet is at its best a sovereign place or country. But, at its worst, the ruling bodies try to treat it like a tool or slave. It's laughable. No. It's sad.

So where does "DHT" fit in? Simple. One of the biggest targets of FOSTA-SESTA is based on the accusation that sex trafficking linked to sites is reason enough for said hosts to be held accountable. That makes sense on paper. But then let's release the part of our brains which is so ingrained in a "simpler time" and see the truth for what it is. If this wasn't already a market, it sure is about to be now. The new Human Trafficking. The new sex trade in the digital age. Cam sites.

For all that's said and done, it's honestly a lucrative business. How do I know this? I did research. Porn is already an industry giant. Internationally. And when word gets out about investments in the crypto market and ICO launches netting millions, clearly there's staying power for sure. So that brings us to the real meat of the subject. Who makes the money? Ideally it'd be the "cam model." But realistically, why would that be the case. Whether it be an offshoot of my own twisted sense, I implore you and anyone else to stop and really think about it for a second. What forces a susceptible person into being trafficked? What keeps them in that line of work? Then how would the digital space be any safer from such practices? The truth is, it's probably even easier in a digital landscape. "Out of sight, out of mind," right? This is but a sliver of the real world. These "lights" that are being brought to the dark corners of society are sadly doing only one thing. They're showcasing just how little the masses have cared to look at the life outside of their little bubbles. The world is full of sharp edges and the light just breeds longer, darker shadows.


2.0 Tuesday:  ARrival

This isn't going to be a terribly new concept. In fact, I can't even say that I haven't delved into it in other forums already. But it really is just that important enough to warrant even greater coverage. It involves the keys to the next age, if society dares at least. That door; Augmented Reality.

Context first right? Just like when writing stories. Can't just jump straight into things since it's a "process." I get it. Really I do. But then just like when I attempt the former, can't stand exposition. So boring. But then again this isn't about that. This is 2.0 so let's roll. The story is that as far as technology seems to be progressing, we seem to be reaching a peak. Elites are taking shape but they seem to be casting more shadows than anything else--more on that in the next "Mainstay." The point is that the proficiency gap seems to be growing greater and greater. To counter perhaps in the information age the bleeding edge just appears more tangible due to the freedom of information. It's possible for sure but it seems more logical to be else. That something else being the proficiency gap.

So what do I mean by this gap? Simple, the tools are there but the questions aren't. Our innovators may very well be hibernating because aside from the sparse few, the common everyday folk appear so much more concerned with results than the inner guts. The substance. The "how" if you will. That's the problem. Without the drive to comprehend, what stokes the fires of innovation? But what do you mean? CES just passed. There are tons of new things out in the wild now. Spearhead. Concept work but the foundation is so far away. Too far away for widespread integration. The process is the old process which is stymieing our ability to reach the next age. But the keys are before us. AR. Augmented Reality holds the answers and that's what will birth the next era. Well, that or war but we'll stay optimistic for now.

So how does AR do its miracle thing? Simple. It cuts out the middle man. The time to proficiency would be a fraction of what it currently stands at so that progress could be made at greater intervals and speeds. Of course it calls for relying on true black boxes but perhaps that's where we were always meant to be. Given the freedom to truly ascend to our fullest potential.

Follow-up for sure.


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2.0 Tuesdays: Where We Are/Where We're Going

This is going to be a bit informal this time so please bear with me. Instead of focusing on a particular idea we're going to be talking about the concept of "2.0" itself. I feel it's necessary to establish that there won't be a "3.0." Unlike the standing scheme of developments the "2.0" is just the designator. It just refers to what comes next. To any who follow this site, past or present, that may have not been necessary to dive into but well now, it was. It's important to make that completely clear so that the progression has the footing necessary to do just that. Progress onward. That said, let's get into it.

I'm old. By the time this has been read I will have gotten even older. By the time I finish this draft and prepare for publication I will be old. The construct that we call time makes it so. What's the significance in that though? Simple. It has taken me this long to realize that my youth was wasted. Innovation has eclipsed me. All the ideas, theories I threw around in my youth are either in development or being fielded. To put it into perspective, cellular phones didn't become standard till I was in high school. I remember my first interaction with computers being in my third to last year in elementary school. The two-tone screens. Color images and functionality beyond simple word processing didn't make their way to the student body till a few years later. It was an interesting time to be alive. Just the taste of that new tech alone really riled up within me a love that I still feel even now. Desire. Desire and inspiration that would cause me to look at the world and wonder how to make things more efficient. Had I the knowledge and tools, perhaps I would've achieved inventor status instead of just casual ponderer. Sucks my sketching ability was so shoddy as well but that's another thing entirely. It'll come back up as I start to publish my old black book files in the Throwback Thursdays since they're so outdated there's little else to do with the machinations. Not as though I was saving them for anything really anyway. But what does this now have to do with the main focus? Simple. It was the where we are. We're at the point where the world has surpassed my generation's idea of innovation. The tech is out there and a cursory glance on any search engine will reveal just that fact. So where to now?

It's a frightening place to be when new studies come out that seem almost indistinguishable from "magic." It's not an easy place to find one's self especially having spent a life feeling disappointed that the gap between what is and what's desired seemed to vast. As someone who prides themselves on the what's the come, a futurist of sorts, is it any surprise that this reality is so hard to face? For the first time in decades it's unclear what's coming next. What steps will be taken, how technology will continue to develop, how human intellect will evolve. It's scary. But then our face hurts so bad. Can't help but smile. Ear to ear. Finally, a challenge. And now us with the tools to perhaps finally do something about the ideas so they don't just sit in tomb collecting dust as in years passed. Welcome to the start of emptylamb 2.0.

Let us go unto this new horizon together and explore just what it means to be.


2.0 Tuesdays #5: Custom Build

Everything in the 2.0 series could easily be attributed to the necessity of customization or rather personalization being an incremental step in the next era of innovation furthering the ascension of mankind. In this entry as with most of the others under this category, the goal is to stay relatively broad and the future need no stern hand but simple encouragement. Such is the philosophy and so it shall stay.

Custom builds are quite possibly the missing piece of what separates us all from that ideal future and the present that mirrors little of what those that came before us imagined. The obsession with a standardization isn't nearly as prevalent because the global unity has continued to escape the grasp of those leaders that run the face of existence from the shadows. Whether intentional or otherwise. Free-market societies, capitalism, all interesting concepts but the competition between corporations has never truly benefited anything other than the illusion on societal constraints. Proprietary as a term comes to mind. Such systems have only influenced "big business" to investigate and and pursue more creative avenues in which to gouge the populous at large. And under such a guise has effectively pushed forward substandard merchandise that hinders far more than it could ever hope to help for it serves to stagnate.

Though it's hardly all negatives. There are those gems out there that gaze on at the existence of such and with earnest ingenuity and the curiosity that comes with youth, look to produce when inquiry as to why things are the way they are surpass the fear of challenging the status quo. But it's such a small portion that ever dare to seemingly answer such a call. That's truly what 2.0 is about. We've challenged mediocrity but when questioning it it's clear that the new mediocrity is adaptation. Technology advances but the people don't. That's where the call for 2.0 finds it's truest footing.

Custom build is merely a fragment of it all. Custom build is the next logical step. Instead of standards or burgeoning product lines labeled with systems so inclusive that even their legacies are incompatible, there's customization in-tandem with personalization. Tech built to order. Specifically to the consumer. Yes, there is the cost of such a premium but it can be offset by subscription based services. It would be the birth of the third party. The standards are fine. The name brand is fine. But then there's the service built from the ground up for the sole purpose of fulfilling the desires of the purchaser. And then the sublet of such being the subscriptions that custom tailors suites to fit the product. Cross-platform issues are regulated as each product is made to the specifics of each unit. Examples, a cell phone and the applications it can run. Time can be mitigated as technological advancements continue.

There's so much to it and this is again, merely a fragment of the over-arching foundation that will take us into that next generation of human kind. And, it all starts with the individual. You.


2.0 Tuesdays #4:  Neo-economics

Neo-economics. By no way, shape, or form do I have a share holding on the term. But the ideas fall in line so this kind of just title's itself. They all do really. So, what is neo-economics? Well let's take it apart and find out shall we?

Neo. Taken directly from Dictionary.com, neo is, "a combining form meaning 'new,' 'recent,' 'revived,' 'modified,' used in the formation of compound words." Fairly self explanatory. Which then leaves the second half. Economics. Again from the same source economics is defined as, "the science that deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind" Breaking them down into their parts helps establish just what this is and how it falls under the 2.0 category. This is as the leading identifier implies, a look into what's next. What's possible if those who dream are allowed. So, with this concept that's generically abstract where can we go? The answer is simple, anywhere. But, for the sake of this little venture I'd like to present a new system to consider. Please do take the time to enjoy this differing perspective as I hope it does the job of furthering the spirit of innovation.

As a citizen of a free-market society, a capitalist society, it's easy to see how the system could use improvement. To simply deem it flawed and offer no alternative would be juvenile in its lack of productive contribution to life's betterment. To which I bring forward something different. New may be the word I'm searching but I'd be remiss if not incredibly egotistical to believe such ideas have never crossed the minds of anyone before me. Percentiled Input Advancement or PIA. Sadly not terribly catchy but were it, I'd have probably gone with such instead of a blanket term like Neo-economics. But that's hardly the point. PIA is.

PIA revolves around the idea of people working. Securing employment and doing the tasks assigned to them. However, as opposed to earning a wage, we see a shift to something even more digitized. A system of development that allows the employee to percentisize their input into their company into fields of their choosing. For instance, an employee chooses from tiers (which they will be able to customize based on their preferences and then once the terms have been agreed upon they will work. As they make progress along that goal, the tier items will be furnished to them. They can devote one to one hundred percent of their efforts/input into material items or even investments. From there it becomes a numbers game. Instead of currency, ventures will be decided by the interest of the people. Instead of the gross abuses that seem inherent in the belief that money, tangible or otherwise can elicit power, we have a system that's based solely on the effort one puts into their work.

As long as one produces they will have all they require. If they desire more, they will have the option of "upgrade" upon completing their initial tasking. If they are no longer able to complete their task or have ceased to make any progress they will lose additional luxuries attributed them by the tier they worked but haven't completed. I believe this system could have truly far reaching potential if tooled just right. With the onset of an age where technological advances in precision and automation have changed the face of the era, a system like this could help mitigate the transition into a utopia state.

The development of the idea is endless but the furtherment of such development has never been much of the point of these 2.0s. At least not yet anyway. For right now it is merely a place for thoughts, fragments really. A look at a picture of varying size from a differing angle. Glancing toward that place just over the horizon. The adventure that awaits in this oh so unpredictable reality. And hopefully, that which provokes though. Take care.


2.0 Tuesdays #3:  Addendum

Well you see it isn't that there aren't plenty of ideas floating around up here, it's just that I don't think I was as clear as I could've been the first time around. The mission statement or rather A mission statement, of shorts, is what I aim for now.

The point of this, "2.0 Tuesdays," is hardly to showcase any sort of intelligence. My reasoning lies simply in the fact that I'm unsatisfied with where the world is right now. My current lifespan is so miniscule in comparison to that of the true innovators and yet I can see clearly how lacking the present continues to present itself. It's nothing shy of the now cliche, "where are our flying cars."

The human race has come a long way and that shouldn't be taken lightly however, it is almost as if a plateau has been reached. I traverse articles on a regular basis about technological developments and scientific discoveries that would grant us the reins to our own destinies but the like ash the crumble and float away, as if never to be heard of again.

So what right? These are big brains and they're clearly cranking out the super-science. (i.e. Mars landing, Higgs Boson, etc.) but at this point in the development of the human race why are we all still limited to such a small percentage of people? We're all connected, to an extent, so why are we still moving at such a snail's pace? What's really holding us back? Before this turns in to a capitalist rant though I just wanted to express that thought before revealing one pivotal point.

The reins are ours. Whoever has, let them give, let us all collaborate and tap into the ominiscience evident in the very frabic of our beings. The very core of all that we are, energy. That which cannot be created or destroyed. That which holds roots in past, present, and future.

Maybe this is a bit too esoteric.


2.0 Tuesdays #2: Heads Up Display

This one's short so for all of you out there who may stop in and "f*ck this sh*t, too much reading!" well, this one's for you. Not really but meh, here it goes.

HUDs aren't new to anyone who's been alive for the last 15+ years. Why we've yet to see widespread integration into our systems being commonplace is beyond me. Now I know tech like "google's glass" is attempting to do just that but why has it taken so long, and for that matter why are we looking at this deeply personal concept as the early stage of integration.

Now, it's by no means an old idea I've been holding onto for years like some of the other stuff I'll be putting up here but in the two seconds I spent thinking about the tech it hit me. Why has something so simple escaped something so common. Cars.

I'm by no means the most experienced driver but for the love of all that's good and holy, I'd love it if I had a HUD on my windshield. Nothing crazy but just that standard info. Speed and maybe just tracking to highlight--read as outline--objects when driving at night. I mean, temperature, fuel/oil/miles, etc. Meh, could be left on the dash but just being able to keep my eyes on the road instead of taking split seconds to look down at the tunnel-vision inducing steering console would be nice. 

Just, a thought that came by, so, see ya next time.


Two Point Oh Tuesdays Number One:  MyDemand

The hit just keep rolling out huh? Welcome to yet another piece of the puzzle I had started so long ago and just never got around to getting out. Two Point Oh Tuesdays! Or, as it will be better known as, "2.0 Tuesdays." Believe me when I say that I do quite a bit of thinking on a regular basis and none of that thinking seems to be relegated solely to narratives or depression. A good deal of it seems apt to just trying to figure out existence and in that regard, improvements/enhancements. So welcome to the idea farm (day) where I'll put out some of the ideas I've had over the years or even fairly recently in hopes to push the innovative envelope of any who stumble upon this. Humans are wondrous creatures capable of so much more than we seem to be content with right now. So, this is that call, to push forward toward that future just beyond the horizon!

Two Point Oh Tuesdays Number One:  MyDemand

"MyDemand" is a simple premise. It is a call for a world of entertainment void of superfluous. Upon growing older all begin to realize what they enjoy and don't enjoy. So why are we holding ourselves back by shotgunning the very experience that should be there to relax and relieve us? It's pretty ridiculous isn't it? If at the very least impractical. So, in this world where customization is a well-appreciated feature, why have cable companies been slacking so far behind? Why do they offer "variety packs or subject-oriented tiers" instead of just allowing us access to a programming schedule that appeals to the consumer's tastes?

Sure, the go-to answer is money but why limit ourselves to accepting something so drone and overused?  In the United States of America, the name of the game is supply and demand. Capitalist societies run on capitalist ventures. So, this is a rallying for the demand of an end to the old and an acceptance of the new. Content on demand. ALL content on demand. ALL the time.

This idea was always on the far reaches of my mind (years) but really came to the forefront as I began traveling the country to find that not all providers offered the same "basic package." Watching the growing prevalence of the online marketplace to offer the very customization I'm calling for, it's hard to believe the cable industry won't begin going the way of the newspaper (paper) soon enough. Cable is so overpriced as is and as with the constant renegotiations (looking at you DirectTV [dropping G4, AMC*, MTV*]) what lies ahead could only be this system of on demand entertainment taking point with the new generation beginning to assume dominance over the last.

So, simply put, what is the delay. The time for change is upon us. Let us usher in the new age, free of the so-called conventional thinking that does naught but hold us back, limiting our ability to evolve.