Introducing the H/A Scale!

The hotness or rather attractiveness scale is a determinant form of measure developed over the course of a 3-5 hour shift at work. It is composed of varying degrees or rather levels metaphorically named to express the exceptional beauty apparent in an attractive party. (in my case, the opposite sex) Needless to say, it's a method that rates "bangability".

Though it's origins started in highschool with simply one defining category, bangible or not, it wouldn't be until college that more categories would full develop the system into far more. So without further a due I present to the masses, the H/A Scale Formula:


I'd hit that sh*t with...

Qualifiers (in ascending level of intensity/appreciation):

a brick -> bangible ->> usually based solely on the party in question having a nice buttocks. ex) She has A butt and is of legal age.

a boulder -> worth expending money for ->> usually based on the party being attractive all around ex) She's hot but there's concern for whether she has a good personality i.e. she's not clingy cut your member off if you try to leave her.

the hammer of Thor -> drop anything and everything (any time or day) for ->> party in question must SURPASS all previous stated conditions and then some. ex) she's holding a sandwich in one hand, a ps3/360 in the other, wearing a shirt that says I don't mind it in the butt, and nothing below the waste but a pair of heels and the words eat me shaven into her patch. (yeah that's right, it's a patch NOT a bush)

And there you go, enjoy.



AAFW - All About Free Will.

I was riding the bus back to my place with a co-worker and we had started talking about the fabled three wishes question. One of the responses she gave was the desire for world peace. Words like subjective and terms like free will were thrown around and we never really finished it. Needless to say, the conversation led me to ponder:

Can Free Will and Magic exist at the same time. Obviously I don't mean any of the Blaine/Angel misdirection stuff. But all the other things like out of television/movies/comics/mythology. Everything from spell and incantations to pagan rituals and the like. Can any of it have true meaning [read:  exist] in a world where man (universal standard) has free will?

Where magics such as that do everything and more to twist, change, or even in cases corrupt the will of people, then can such opposing forces exist in tandem? Likely hood is no. And since "that" kind of magic hasn't been proven to exist anyway then all is balanced and in order with the world.  Right?

Hmm, just some thoughts.


Jack Conte (Impromptu)Stream

Though I can't say I'll be making a habit of this, I just had to express this to the masses. Late last night or for us east coasters, early this morning there was a "Live" show streamed via UStream by the one and only Jack Conte. Though it was streamed using a laptop computer and thus fell prey to peaking, for those few who stayed throughout there would be quite a surprise.

At the end of the show Jack finally retrieved the laptop and him and the band gave us all a taste of the "afterglow." They chatted with us, the last of the Mohegans so to speak (since the room started with upwards of over 40 people), for a bit and then gave way to an unexpected performance by Jack himself.

Dare I say it was magical without fear of hatemessages and insult to my masculinity sent like slings and arrows? YES I DARE. Jack with accordian and talent let loose with a performance that made the night/early morning.  It was so worth it.

So, thank you Jack Conte. You ROCK!


Debates and Debacles

Well now, I've been debating between the content of the next "Sub Text." Its been between, introducing the "hotness hit scale"  or something a bit more philosophically infused. Then again I guess I could go with both since there's that week layoff of working out the next plotlines for the project (20XII). Hmm I guess you can look forward to that soon.

As far as debacles. I guess that'd be this site. Still working out the kinks but the potential has started to become quite daunting. Linking to and from here is up in the air. Linking from here, easy. Shameless plugs are well shameless though. Linking to other places is fun but how should I go about it.... Links to popularly visited sites? Sounds good but I don't really have a fan base to divert much traffic now do I? Link to personal sites (i.e. my own flikr or d.A. page) done but to what effect?

Meh time doth tell I guess. Look forward to headshots coming soon. Nice faces to put on the characters (even the one without them).


Tie-In I

For anyone who read the "epic" tale of Mael and was wondering what the "madwoman's" name was and about the nurse, here you go.

Trishazzle "Trish" Emergy - Mad bomber Lady

Margrett Ridge - Senior School Nurse

And for any who thought about it if only briefly, SPOILER:  I am indeed in a habit of not killing off characters with no names unless it's a mass of people.  :SPOILER


If He's So Powerful...

If an omnipotent being makes a rock that constantly increases in weight at a proportionate speed to which their own strength to lift a set amount of weight increases then could that not solve the age old inquiry of such aforementioned being being able to make a rock that even they could not lift?



I would like to introduce my friend Beauby to you all. He's a bit off. His real name's not Beauby. That's just a nickname I gave him. He hates it when I call him it though. Heh, anyway, here his is, Beauby. Enjoy:


Introducing Sub Text

Well now. I figure this is the best possible way to get everything I want to accomplish with this particular project done. Whereas on the main page the 20XII tales will continue, here in the "sub text" I'll be able to update with the random happenings that will eventually become this site's "meat and potatoes" whenever there isn't a big project taking precedent.

I also hope to have "guest" contributors to this section as well. Just friends essentially that I believe have something interesting to say that couldn't hurt to be spread out upon the web.

So well with that all stated I just want the welcome all who enter to the Empty Lamb's Sub Text.  Or Just "MTsT". It will be updated more regularly of course and be as random and hopefully diverse as expect can be possible. So yeah, enjoy.

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