If He's So Powerful...

If an omnipotent being makes a rock that constantly increases in weight at a proportionate speed to which their own strength to lift a set amount of weight increases then could that not solve the age old inquiry of such aforementioned being being able to make a rock that even they could not lift?



I would like to introduce my friend Beauby to you all. He's a bit off. His real name's not Beauby. That's just a nickname I gave him. He hates it when I call him it though. Heh, anyway, here his is, Beauby. Enjoy:


Introducing Sub Text

Well now. I figure this is the best possible way to get everything I want to accomplish with this particular project done. Whereas on the main page the 20XII tales will continue, here in the "sub text" I'll be able to update with the random happenings that will eventually become this site's "meat and potatoes" whenever there isn't a big project taking precedent.

I also hope to have "guest" contributors to this section as well. Just friends essentially that I believe have something interesting to say that couldn't hurt to be spread out upon the web.

So well with that all stated I just want the welcome all who enter to the Empty Lamb's Sub Text.  Or Just "MTsT". It will be updated more regularly of course and be as random and hopefully diverse as expect can be possible. So yeah, enjoy.

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