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21JAN13 "Misogyny? I Barely Know Her! Part II"

So it’s not a new idea and I touched on it at my site but not to the extent I think I’m about to right here, right now. It was supposed to be a two-parter but things always got in the way. And by things, I mean, I was lazy. I could always grasp the fact that women for the most part are treated like garbage by men more often than not. That became clearer and clearer the closer I got to some of my female friends what with their divulging of daily stories involving verbally lewd behavior to unwanted advances. The casual inflections in their voices were what resonated with my ire the most however. “How? Why?” It just wasn’t making sense to me. I didn’t understand why a term like misogyny even existed. There shouldn’t have been a place in this world for it. But as I grew up, I slowly started to see why there was indeed a place for it after all.

Of all the injustice, of all the wounds I’ve had inflicted upon me, most of the deepest and most severe have been from women. What that is to say is that I can see it. I can see how it makes sense. But I can also see something else now. Something I never put together. How it’s all perpetuated because of how this world is so much smaller than any of us knew. We’re all connected.

Men treat women poorly because they’ve been treated poorly by women. Women treat men poorly because they’ve been treated poorly by men. It’s not a new concept but the fact that I learned it from T.V. makes it a bit more disconcerting.

We all know this right? I mean, those of us who have a shred more decency than to blindly follow the masses as they grow further and farther from any sort of sensibility right? Why has this cycle not lost any conceivable steam? Why haven’t we collectively “stepped up our game” and reached that level of humanity that separates us from animals? I can ask why all day but actions will forever speak louder. I’m jaded. But is that so much to ask? Too many times have I been “advised” to be a “dick” or a “jerk” and how that would dramatically improve things for me. I don’t see it. I just don’t see how it’s worth it.

Where is that world that’s ever moving forward, evolving, attaining enlightenment?

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