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Generally speaking I usually try to devote some time to making things more efficient or run more smoothly whenever I get the chance to. Obviously I've been slacking when it comes to this place but that's a whole other story for, actually, I'll just say never. I doubt I'll ever actually get around to telling this particular story so I won't even set anyone reading this up for failure. Anyway, so back to my site.

I've been making subtle changes in the background here and there but nothing too extreme. Aside from the background/layout and whatnot but that's all aesthetics. Seeing as I'm running on an outdated platform (Squarespace literally does not offer much in terms of support for this version of their service any further) I've decided to try for a streamline while it still exists. Not to say I ever plan to shut this place down, but the fact is that it's from a bygone era. People don't tend to visit sites like they used to anymore. And though it pains me to say it, I'm a writer. Places like "Medium" or the like are more my speed. Maintaining this thing is little more than an exercise in narcissism. Like it's more special because it's my name. My brand. There I go bashing myself again. The point is that I believe, moving forward, this is going to be the best call.

So what bush am I beating around you ask? Simple. I'm finally trying to do something with the tag system. Though it seems like comments are still failing *shakes fist in the sky at the Squarespace deities* it just makes more sense to consolidate. I only have a limited number of pages/bandwidth anymore so really it's for the best. The categories will act as virtual pages and tags will be descriptors. Once all is said and done, I'll be removing the original splash page and reassigning it to MTST. I can already see how annoying it's going to be to go back and try to update all the links. Just updating cats and tags has taken stupid amounts of time but, I'd be lying if I said I didn't see any benefit in it all. This place, for better or worse, is the only home I have left. I should properly maintain it.

Well, that's that. Enjoy.

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