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[tumblr] Michelle Vargas [28NOV12]{AFG}

Honestly, I had planned on probably delving back into the depressive state my mind tends to linger in but then I found something a bit more profound. I had left a message a while back–read as before I left the country–for a youtube personality, life coach extraordinaire, and all around awesome person, Michelle Vargas and lo and behold, she had actually replied back. I didn’t realize it because, well, put simply, I’m t'umb–read as tumblr-dumb or not well versed in the tumblr interface.

So, well, that’s what’s up now. I don’t know why but everything feels different now. Like this was that one sign I needed and at the time I needed it most, to be reminded that this isn’t the end. Not like “the end,” end but just that the whole point of this isn’t for naught. If I continue on, if I keep trying to reach out, maybe, just maybe I will find that one person.

So, lets give this back a go.

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