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I'm a Sh*tty Son (11SEP12 IV)

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Honestly this isn’t a particularly new thought bubble. I just hadn’t gotten around to popping [it] over my keyboard I guess. It might be strange, I know it feels so to admit it publicly, but I’ve never thought about my father when referencing the fact that I am a “son.” His death in my infancy precluded me from ever truly knowing him so it had never dawned on me that I represent him in that sort of fashion. I have had plenty of friends with fathers and even then it had never really hit me until recently. I am my father’s son.

Even now, a week or two after from struggling with the idea, it still sounds so off to me. Why is it so difficult to integrate such a fact? I just don’t get it. Even though I have all the respect in the world for the man, it just isn’t clicking.

I’m a sh*tty son.

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