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Hatred and Me: Reasons I'm an Idiot 30MAY13

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I’m the second luckiest person in the world. Honestly that doesn’t mean much. It’s like being everyone else. Faceless, a silhouette. But only compared to the first. So what does the first have that I don’t? That’s easy.

Everything I want.

I’ve lived a relatively short life. But in that short time I’ve seen and experienced enough to make me dread getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve faced pain, sorrow, strife, depression and in a lot of cases they weren’t even mine. As a kid I knew exactly what I was. What I could be. And I mean that. It’s why I put into place a foundation that would serve to cause me endless amounts of displeasure and effectively hinder my social development well into adulthood. Never could suffer the easy route for some reason. I guess if you hear about nothing worth having coming easy you start forgetting that results aren’t always immediate. The good, the bad, it’s all cumulative. And developments are amplified therein by all the choices and decisions that preceded them, constantly ever evolving until reaching that elusive peak.

So what’s wrong with this if not that I must not truly want it? Why is it whenever I desire more than anything to ask the one question that may very well grant me all I could ever hope for, it becomes a matter of destroying lives? Maybe because that’s what’s at stake. Maybe because that’s very much what I’d be asking, to sacrifice others for my own happiness. She asked me if I’d ever ventured into erotic fiction…

It isn’t a particularly notable day. The sky is blue and the ground is dirty. Amidst a foreign land stands a foreign body. A visitor. Humble, unassuming, but quite nefarious. It only takes a moment’s glance at the clouds traversing the skies above before he begins his own journey.

She’s just getting out of the building. It’s an uncharacteristically long day. But all days she has to be in that office are long. She makes her way along her usual route. Soon she’ll be home and doing what she could use the most after such a day. Absolutely nothing. A cloud catches her attention. Unlike the masses, she wasn’t much for avoiding the heavens. And in another moment she’s back on her way.

He’s lost. Directionless. It all starts to hit him at once. Maybe it isn’t such a good idea after all. Maybe it was all a mistake. Maybe he should just turn back now and pretend as if the entire fiasco never took place. He mulls it over, his legs still taking him ever forward. He should’ve spent more time paying attention. Someone bumps into him. Hard. He falls back catching the ground by his rear. Whoever did it will get a piece of his mind as soon as he makes it back to his feet. That was the plan at least. But as he brings his eyes from the dirt he locks in on the reason he was even there to begin with. Clearly it’s a sign he tells himself. Now, just to make sure it isn’t wasted.

She’s waiting as a cab pulls up. Her routine. She opens the door but hesitates briefly before entering. Just the strangest feeling overtakes her. She stops to check her phone. She quickly dismisses it as nothing and gets in. The vehicle pulls off slowly into traffic. She’s just this much closer to her freedom.

He watches as she takes off. He’s stuck, waiting, trying to cross the street. His trip is seeming more and more like a fool’s errand. He’s about to lose possibly his only opportunity. But, he didn’t come all this way just to fail. Especially not when so close already. He hails a vehicle and before long one conveniently pulls up. He hops in and immediately exclaims, “follow that taxi!” The driver’s response is beyond him. A foreigner in a foreign land. His opportunity continues to dwindle. “Never mind,” he grunts at the driver in frustration quickly making his way out of the vehicle. Guess there’s the old fashion way he thinks.

It’s a slow drive. Today of all days being what it was, the roads are full of plenty of other homeward bound. Frustration begins to work its way in. She has a mind to just get out and walk. It is late however. It’d be irresponsible. The cab is forced to take a detour which passes by a familiar place. On a whim she decides to get out there. It’s Friday. She has till Monday before she need worry about work again. Just going to pick up a snack she tells herself. It won’t take long at all.

He makes his way up the street and identifies her cab. It’s stopped but not in front of what of what looks like a house. Doubt sets in. Perhaps he’s mistaken. Maybe he was chasing the wrong one this whole time. Would this really be it for his little adventure? He had to confirm. He made his way over to the car as the door to the shop opens. It’s her. And before he knew it, their eyes were locked.

She sees him. She drops her snack. She’s dreaming. It couldn’t be real. It couldn’t be him. She’s speechless. She’s lost in her own mind. The sound of her overzealous driver’s horn brings her back. She picks up her things and makes her way to the curb. She watches him make his way to her. She’s scared. She’s excited. She’s nervous. She’s mad. He’s standing before her. Sweating, a little out of breath. He puts his arms around her. She doesn’t resist. He whispers, “I’m here for you as promised my love.” She’s happy.

It’s a roller coaster. He’s just following her lead. Nothing seems as foreign anymore. Not as long as she’s with him. Her scent fills his nostrils. He’s taken by her beauty. His heart is a flutter. He doesn’t know where they’re going. He doesn’t care. Time had stood still. It could’ve been 20 seconds, it could have been 20 minutes. He places his hand on hers just to watch her pull it away. He moves in closer to say something as she stops, turns toward him, and places two fingers over his lips. “Not yet.” The words slide out past her luscious red lips. He’s not sure what to feel more. Love or passion.

She leads him up to a reception desk. She’s pure business. This is nothing, rudimentary. After completing the transaction she leads him along. She can feel him. She can feel what just being in his presence is doing to her. She isn’t happy with the surprise but it couldn’t have come at a better time. The night’s about to be a long as the day. Only this time it’ll be in the service of what she wants to do as opposed to has to do. It’s a quiet walk. She knows he has questions, but they’ve talked long enough. This night, there would be an extreme lack of it. They make it to a room. She turns to face him. His arms make their way around her. She hugs him back. Her eyes begin to tear up. “We should go in” travels to her ears. That voice, even better in person she thinks. It was going to be a sleepless night.

The room barely gets a glance as they make their way straight to the bed. Both know exactly what’s going to happen. They’d been dreaming of it, longing for it, craving it almost since the very beginning. She’s the love of his life, he thinks to himself stripping down to his shorts. He makes me happier than anyone ever has, she thinks to herself as she removes her work attire. They make their way under the sheets. The bed is huge and soft. There are pillows all around them. The sheets, overly festive. It’s perfect for what they have planned. He can see worry in her eyes. “What’s wrong?” he posits. “Nothing, it’s just, do you…have it?” The words timidly escape. “Of course,” he reassures her. Everything truly is perfect, their union has been long overdue.

“I’m ready,” she tells him. “I love you,” he replies. “I love you too,” she adds before the both cuddle in closer together. He places his arm around her. She looks him in the eyes. His happiness is apparent. He kisses her forehead before announcing, “Here goes.” And just like that, the TV comes on and it’s the show that started it all. Season one. It’s going to be a marathon night. They both smile. It’s going to be a long night. Certainly the very best kind.

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