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His name was ML. It was until his death that the true birth of Morribb Lehrer would come about. But it wouldn't be until the next death that Mael Lehrer would awaken. Perpetually trapped in limbo. That was the life of the lost black sheep. The pain and suffering were the only friends he couldn't rid himself of. The darkness drew him in and to divvy out what little substance was left of himself was all he had. To cry and scream and bleed; to surrender it all to the page was the best he could do to expunge it from his insides. He stopped wanting to feel. He stopped wanting to be a hero. He stopped moving forward and that meant insanity for certain. He was alone but shackled to the broken system that propagated the world before him. It was the most special kind of Hell. He just wanted to be safe. But he lost sight of himself and before he knew it the years had piled on. He had gotten old and his life had evaporated. There was nothing but barren s[urr]ounding his very being. His soul. It took entirely too long but it had to happen eventually. He would do what was necessary. He would say goodbye.

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