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Another in the shoot I guess. This one is about the movie "Annihilation." Don't worry, this isn't going to be a thing. At least I don't think it will be. I just happen to watch a lot of movies. That and this one gave me reason to write of course. So, before the jump. Wasn't a fan.

"Annihilation" by all rights should be a good movie. Great actors, action, kick-a ladies, sci-fi elements, decent to great CG/practical sets/design? What's not to like? Put simply, the ending. The ending ruined the entire experience for me.


The end of the movie reveals that the thing that came back was actually the creature. There were no human survivors. Now why does that matter? Because it in essence effectively negates the entire story we're being told. Everything, literally everything is told from the viewpoint of the former Army Soldier/College Professor who turns out is a doppelganger. Everything is a little excessive. Apologies. The very beginning is credible. It's just everything after the "return" is up for grabs. And that is what rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it's nit-picky, oh, no, it's definitely nit-picky and I am getting old so it's fair but still that just bothered me. Like, what did I just watch? Was this all just a waste of time then since it was clearly a lie? So what really happened?

You know? Upon further reflection, maybe that's the most genius ending ever. If they make an Annihilation Part II, maybe it will follow what actually transpired. That'd be pretty dope. And then the third could be what happens next. I'd be on board for that. Excuse me for being so presumptuous earlier. Though I doubt there's any chance in hell of that route being explored, it's still nice to think about. Anyway, there goes my thoughts. Thanks for the visit.

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