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Medium:  iPhone Notes


Some good, some bad. I find myself in the same place I've always been. The dark. The murky. I am not "I" but just an "it." A denizen of the murky. Not quite where I belong but far too tainted to be allowed the grace of the light. I am just anger and pain now. And lies. I'm something far worse. I don't even have the conviction to give into the few emotions I feel left. This is the danger. The joke. The last time I can use such before it becomes a crutch. I've forgotten how people do it. I've forgotten how to be one of them. To suffer their intrusion on my existence. Am I supposed to feel something now? Am I supposed to know what I know and pretend, anything else? The dark feels like a suit. A nice shade to hide within. Is this the first level of hell or am I already swallowed whole? I forgot why I started this in the first place. For even the ash to burn. I can't have anything left or I'll be doomed to repeat this misery forever. All or nothing if I'm to ever be free.

I'm just so good at being alone. Especially when I want anything but.

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