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Last Philosophy (Broken) 09JUNE13

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MTL isn’t a name at all. It’s a legacy. The boundless world before us is a mere shadow of the power individuals carry within. To trust another can elevate but to trust one’s self will produce ascension. The one great truth is that everything is true. True as they are true, as true as they are lies. Disbelief, akin to time, serves solely to chronicle one moment to the next. In the end we are all merely existing, just, everywhere at once. There is a great will that guides us. It has many names. It has many faces. But in the end, it serves but one purpose. To find peace. A perversion of such that taints all who are reared has contaminated this world however. It is because of such that things that surpass the means of the rational develop. Beings that defy the false-sense of order perpetrated by man of old and upheld by those of new. Those, that pass on spawned the ether, are amalgams of the one truth that even such corruption can’t extinguish. They represent the will of life, of existence. They are the return to that pure state which all come to find in the wisdom granted by a lifetime of experience. They, like the shadow that looms, brought on by such archaic fears long forgotten, purport to influence the all that surrounds. And they progress as unaware as they are driven to an end they can neither grasp nor comprehend. The all exists within us as it does them. The only variance is acceptance. The truth will never change and they will continue on until a new dawn arises. One incapable of their necessity. The truest world, unhindered by doubt, empowered and enlightened.

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