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Mainstay Mondays #2:  Gays

Well now this one has been long and coming. (See Trans/Post) Now what few interested parties I did have, I guess this is what'll separate the diehards from the casuals. I now give you, "Gays." An honest opinion focusing on basics derived from observations via the viewpoint of a questionably objective participant.

Gays or rather the idea of homosexuality as anything more than cheap frills is a joke. Maybe a little too harsh? Alright, I'll tone it down to the basics. I have every bit of belief in the world that those who believe themselves to be gay are doing so in response to fear. The fear of being alone. The fear of being hurt. The fear of putting themselves out there and actually TRYING and putting in EFFORT and WORK. Life isn't easy by any stretch of the imagination but to SETTLE seems to be the main coping mechanism for way too many and that's what I'm trying to express in this little rant.

By this point if you've even made it to this point I'm quite impressed with your resilience to deal with topics that many would so expressly condemn. Or maybe like me, your pride won't allow you to tell me to "F*ck Off" until you've actually read all that I have to spew on the matter.

I don't have a problem with those who identify themselves as homosexuals or even those that engage in homosexual activities. I by no means am attempt to validate condemnation of those individuals. I just desire to express how limiting such actions are in terms of the strength of character it takes to put one's self out there and do what nature intended for the survival of the species.

Crazy to think of it as a crime against nature in the literal sense isn't it? But, it's true. Humans weren't made to procreate asexually. Science is making strides toward resolving such an issue but but that's hardly anything more the the posturing of minds that believe just because something can be done, it MUST be done. Were we not in a state of global overpopulation I'm sure my views on such endeavors would take an opposing view. but, then again, if birds and cows were fish there'd be far more vegetarians.

I personally find women appealing in a fashion that would take days to express concisely. Believe me when I say I'll have a separate post of that because quite frankly it's something I've plotted out since it's a big part of my life. That said, I have the absolute worst luck with them. I'm just not terribly good at that aspect and have faced rejection and solitude for a lot more of my life than any one should be comfortable with. it doesn't deter me though because I refuse to settle With all the concessions I've had to make in my life up until now and all the ones I'm sad to say I'll probably have to make in the future, that won't be one of them. I believe I will find the one for me and that it is absolutely ludicrous to approach this situation in a manner of we fall for the ones we fall for when experience has shown me otherwise.

The only happy homosexual couples I've ever seen have been on TV or in the movies. I really hadn't taken note until I had a friend who identified their self as a homosexual. I proceeded to do, with that knowledge, what I do for all those I care about, I supported them in any way I could. And although I found myself as some sort of pseudo-therapist, all I keep thinking was okay, maybe in time the right one will come along and everything will turn out alright. The right one imagined, never being expressly gendered but just someone who would make the need for "talks" less frequent. Currently I'm still waiting for that to transpire but it made me realize that, in that regard the relationship wasn't much different than the relationships of those that stay in too long even when everything to everyone else appears to have gone straight to turd. Armed with that I began to see something even more developed taking shape. The only reason stuff like that is so prevalent is because of fear. Because Life. Is. Hard.

There are just too many people in existence on this plane of existence to believe someone of the opposite sex is an impossibility. Because, and I realize how simplistic I'm making this, there are people with every kind of personality amongst both males and females so if it's simply a matter of that then to classify one's self as gay or lesbian based on matters relating to emotional connection is extremely short-sighted. And the counterpoint being that if it's to do with the physical aspect than how can that be love? How can anyone be so presumptuous as to believe all love is, is merely physical sensations?

And with that I'll end this. There's more to it but really not much more. If you've made it this far, I commend you. Aside from that, however you chose to live is up to you. These were just my two cents and if you're gay please comment cause I'd love to here an honest counterpoint to how I'm missing something or if you believe I'm wrong, then please by all means, let me know how. I'll never turn away knowledge. It only makes us all better.

Take care.

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