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Ever Annoying, Unfettered Idiocy: Chapter One:  Transgender

Well now, this is going to be a new segment if you will on this site. This is going to be reserved for all the thing I experience that make me want to drink more, kill a couple hundred million brain cells, so that maybe I can find that bliss that comes ever so apparently in ignorance.

Keep in mind, "spirited" opinions on the world as a whole are far from new here but I'm a creature of immense order, or at least the desire to find such, so this really is just to help shake loose some clutter that'd otherwise be known as random.


Standard definition

of, relating to, or being a person (as a transsexual or transvestite) who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth (I)

Now, I bring this up now because I came across a female described herself as such. So proud was she about that fact to that it was written all over her profile page. And I do mean ALL over it. I'd link it were it not of such a personal nature so do bare with me. She was stoked by the distinction she drew between herself and others. She even went on to describe what about her personality made the classification such a solid representation. Needless to say I found myself perplexed at what was either sheer stupidity or a reality I'm become so out of touch with that I no longer realized such a mentality could very well be considered legion.

I'm older than I must be aware if this is what the youth has come to. She was I believe 20 years of age by the way. What stood out to me the most was how ridiculous such a struggle is. Transgender in her eyes stood as a symbol of her rebellion against societal norms of what makes a male or female. To be honest I don't find an issue with that. Stereotypes are just that, stereotypes. But the need to adamantly classify yourself as outside such constraints just to show that you're outside of such categorization seems utterly ludicrous. Whatever happened to just being one's self and treating that oh so outdated system of needing a name for everything as merely dust in the wind?

I'm male. I know this because when I go to the bathroom to piss it comes out of a penis. Do some of the actions I take push the boundaries of what it means to be male? Sure. I don't treat women like sh*t and do whatever I can (in terms of lying, cheating, etc.) just to get laid to name a few extreme examples of what it apparently means to be a male. But does this mean I'm not male? Not in my book. I mean if John "Black Guy" Johnson wakes up in the mirror and notices the same "tan" that never washes off to still be present should he look in the mirror and say 'I'm 100% Chinese' because that's what his mannerisms dictate would that be "okay" as well? Sadly, I'm sure there's a large number of people out there that'd say yes. I'd just include them in the idiots majority however.

I get it. The whole debate versus "sex" and "gender." I don't get the need. We're constantly moving towards a world of equality still (in the United States at least) so what need is there for such a term to exist when people are, just as they've always been, themselves. I just don't see how terms that dissect and bisect gender can have a place in a truly equal world. Won't that world contain people treated the same regardless of their sex making any action taken by either class just an action taken by a person as opposed to a singular class?

I guess the question on my mind is why not look to the future and its unlimited potential as opposed to swaying in the present with all its limitations. I am what I am. No matter how that changes as time moves forward, no matter what classification is bestowed upon these shoulders, I will move to my drum so, why can't you as well?


Hearing:  Sail by Awolnation

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