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I've Got Friends (Postitutes Preface)

So I titled a post "Prostitutes I" and ended it with a question along the lines of, 'do you get why it was named such and such now?' A comment was left in response stating quite clearly, "No." Since this place doesn't exactly get the most traffic to begin with, I figure I should at least take the time to elaborate on anything left by anyone kind enough to visit. So, I guess, it has all to do with the title of this particular post as well.

"I've Got Friends" just so happens to be the name of a song by the Manchester Orchestra. I just so happened to be listening to it and figure, now's as good a time as any to address the aforementioned inquiry. I've left a link in case anyone's interested in making comparisons.

ANYway, this is a dotcom. I pay to keep this site running. And, for my money I'm given the keys to a medium in which I can express myself in a way or ways I don't have the ability to as regularly, if at all. Sort of like having a friend you pay for. But no one's so gullible to believe a friend is really a friend if you're paying them right? So. there that is. The essence of "Prostitutes." Because due to circumstances that have long gone past the point of avoidance, there just isn't any other alternative.

And there it is. Thanks for the read and obviously the visit.


Listening to:  Propane Nightmares by Pendulum

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Indubitably clever. A bit melancholy but clever all the same!

20180110 | Unregistered CommenterVX

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