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June 6th, 20XII

I never realized how wondrous this world could be. It's just so vast and full of such wonders. I wonder if the Master knew of such wonders? I bet he did. He had to. He knew everything.

Its been almost 6 months since he died. I can't believe someone could take advantage of such a gracious man's kindness. It makes me so mad but, as the Master always said, "Your emotions are like water, they rise and fall, but with temperance and practice such a thing as control can be possible." Well yes, there is a time and a place. And, I now this is neither.

I've been on this train for a few days and am running low on water. Though the signs seem to point to the east I must say I wasn't ready for such drastic climate changes. It's a bit warm for this suit but as the Master always said, "You show respect to others by respecting yourself. Look and present yourself at your greatest will be treated as such." I do miss him.

Though I won't let that cloud my judgment. I just need to return his prized momento to its rightful place. Gee I hope the person who took it will be willing to give it back. I guess time will tell. As the Master always said,"Things happen, always. So, there is never nothing and always hope."


June 30th, 20XII

The world swirls around his head. He's a little dazed from the events that have just transpired. Benjamin Davis is his name and he's just as lost as he could possibly be.

It all began quite some time ago when the man who took him in after he'd lost his parents and almost his life, was killed. Benjamin had been with the man since he was still a very young child and with his master's death he felt obligated to make sure that he'd at least be able to rest in peace. With the goal of returning a stolen memento Davis went left his home in Alaska and began pursuing the murderous thief.

Traveling along the path of his master and father, Davis made it a priority to help any along his route. Due to such kindness he was able to continue on his journey due in most part to the graciousness of those he had helped. Finding tips and hints of the whereabouts of the assailant who brought death upon his home every now and then he found himself running into other masters of the arts similar to the one he was taught. Learning under them and acquiring mystic tools to help in his quest Davis made ever effort to prepare for what was to come.

As a student taught to value all life he had no intention of seeking revenge. He would not kill his father's murderer. Davis just wanted the return of the memento that meant so much to his old man. It would only be by chance that he would find himself in such a predicament. Standing in between a number of dangerous men and one very frightened child. Although his quest was of the utmost importance to him, he could not turn a blind eye to such a disastrous situation.

Davis jumped in. Handling most of the aggressors and eventually freeing the child. He was however caught unawares by the sheer number of attackers. Stumbling a bit and suffering from vertigo he fell to his knees. There was a feeling bursting to the surface. A familiar feeling that he just couldn't place. He tried to focus on recovering as the last of his enemy regrouped. Something had happened and it wasn't good.

Two men grabbed his arms and stood him up on his feet. Davis wasn't scared but that feeling he couldn't place continued to pull at him. He heard a noise and turned his head. Just barley catching a glance he saw that the child didn't make it far. With what little energy he had left he  broke free and took out the remaining guys. Hurting pretty bad he flinched at the pain he felt as the child hugged him. there was something warm dripping down his neck. Hurry the little kid along he turned to the attackers to see if he could find anything to identify the purpose of all that had happened.

Kneeling down to search the pockets of one of the men he heard something ominous. Turning to face it his gaze found refuge in the sights of a shotgun. Before he could even register a reaction he felt his body hit the ground. pain reverberated throughout his body. All he could think of was that feeling that kept nagging at him. It was shame. He felt shame. The same feeling he had once he found the remains of his master.

He felt failure.