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April 12th, 20XII



Project Head:  Allison Breath

Test samples have finally begun showing signs of progress conducive with previous theoretical limits. The data recovered from Project Black Box has proven to be quite useful once again. This level of biomechanics may not have been possible without it, however it concerns me that the father operation doesn't seem conceivable without this research and study in which it is the cause of.

Project parameters are holding and inception into the neogene systems may very well be feasible as soon as this year. The world may finally be at peace with these new developments.



April 17th, 20XII





The work continues at an alarming rate. This project has the potential to solve the word's crises but there are too many things that don't make sense.

Project Black Box. Just what was that operation about. Information from it has been declared level Omega priority. The level of clearance dedicated to all things concerning the Omega protocol.  But that branch of R&D was designated solely to military and private sector.

What does it have to do with Project Resurface? What exactly was Project Black Box and why has all pertinent factors from it been reported lost or damaged if? We're working of artifacts reverse engineered from that data yet if it were as corrupted as the reports state then just how far advanced was this? Just how far behind are we, and what Just how much of what we've been briefed in its regard has been fact?

We shall continue the work but this feeling doesn't seem to be easily shaken.




April 29th, 20XII



Project Head: Allison Breath

Progress continues to be made on the project. The research we are now conducting point towards practical tess being possible within mere hours. THe discoveries here will indeed change mankind and for the better.

Samples 87 through 92 all show signs of increased activity and stand as the first generation test batch to survive. Preliminary readings on batches 93 through 98 show promise that the results can indeed be replicated. Final result should be awailable by the end of the day and with it the project continues to move forward. Thanks to "Black Tech."



April 30th, 20XII

The elevator doors slide open revealing our scientist. Her name is Allison Breadth. She works for an R&D division of the government under the joint discretion of the DOD, DOE, and DOHHS. She is one of many workers looking over the edge of the next technological revolution. She is currently the head of a team of other experts working on Project Resurface and today is her toughest day yet.


Allison makes her way to her office as per usual only to find herself loosing balance. It would appear that someone bumped into her and whoever it was would be facing her full wrath once she got back on her feet. Today was to be the first practical test of the new system she was heralding and tensions were high. After the introduction of a previously unheard of system of technology, her project seemed to finally be producing results. Results however that far exceeding any calculations her team could've conceived. Today was a big day for the project but more importantly her, as it was barely a month since she had been put in charge after the former head was fired due to lack o progress. Albeit not a terribly unusual thing to happen in the field of development but what was strange about it was that after leaving, her colleague hadn't been heard from since. And such was more than a little disconcerting. Either way, she would not let the same thing happen to her. Today was her day.

Getting up to her feet Allison glances around just barely catching the culprit making his way around a corner. It was Garden Schelling, Victor Schelling's son. She always hated Schelling. Not just because for some reason he was able to be excused for having his child run mischief in a government facility but because he was privy to whatever all departments worked on,. He was the one with direct access to the technology they were all incorporating into their individual experiments. Schelling, in essence, had the key to her dream and of course, he was far from willing to give her the information and supplies. But today was her day. Even with all the guess work that became necessary to develop the “Resurface System” and integration phenomenon she was going to prove herself worthy and make her vision a reality.


The test results were within parameters. Allison was speechless. The results, they were as magnificent as she could’ve ever hoped for. With the data collected she was assured she’d be granted anything she’d need to further her project. There was just one obstacle left, presenting the findings to Schelling. It would require swallowing her pride and stifling herself when faced with the endless and very much unnecessary questions that man would pose before finally receiving approval to present to the government liaisons.

A small price to pay for the future of the world, she reminded herself as she prepared the data for transport. Instructing her subordinates to consolidate the information and then organizing the final reports herself, it would be a bit of a process but one well worth it.

Her fellows on the field were experts after all and that may have been one of the few breaks she had. With the constant setbacks from the start of the project, almost two years ago; to be the one who would lead to such success was far from solely her efforts alone. Allison appreciated the work her team accomplished. They were all hard workers and without them such a leap in development may not have even been possible. For the glory of science they entered into the realm of creation and were able to return with results. To be at the forefront of mankind’s potential for survival was the honor of any scientist. Nothing could ruin this.


As Breath made her way to the laboratory to gather a sample she found herself growing tense. It made no discernable sense as she’d just compiled the data from her department and just needed a sample before presenting it al so things really couldn’t have been better. She passed by the elevator used to reach her department’s floor and continued down the corridor. The anxiety continued to grow unexplainably as she turned the corner to the lab. Reaching for her keycard on her lab coat she realized that it was missing. Her keycard was missing.

As she stood at the entrance to the lab her anxiety grew. Her keycard gave her access to all restricted levels in her department. With it, anyone would gain access to all the test samples as well as the data from the allotted mainframe. Whoever pilfered it could mark the end of her project and all the work that went into it. But just who could have taken her card ran through her thoughts. The only time she made direct contact with anyone was….Garden.


Allison made her way to Victor Schelling’s office via security escort, flash drive in hand. Not bothering to even acknowledge the secretary she walked into his boardroom slamming her hands on a conference table. Schelling taken aback by her intrusion dismissed the others in the room and motioned for her to explain just what was going on.

Allison calmly demanded the return of her keycard explaining how his son was responsible and how she was visual surveillance of the theft on a flash drive she got from the office security. Motioning her to wait Schelling left the room. Allison then excused the guard and took a seat. As she waited for Schelling’s return she thought to herself about how such circumstances could be exactly what she would need to bypass all condescending prattle she would have to endure before being able to present her work. Though perhaps unethical it did seem scientifically sound and for the pursuit of science, justified.

Schelling made his way back within five minutes with the card. After handing it to Allison with an apology he was perplexed as to why she continued to sit in the conference room. After be implored to take a seat himself it all became clear.

Given such an ultimatum seemed far from right but given the circumstances, more than reasonable. After agreeing to the terms Allison and Schelling shook hands, Allison making her way out, Schelling making his way back to his son.


Finally back to the laboratory doors Allison prepared to swipe her card with the lights began to flicker. Something was off she thought as for the entire duration of her work there their power flow had never fluctuated. Something was wrong and she had to make sure that whatever it was wasn’t affecting her test samples. Swiping her card and rushing into the lab she found that the incubators had lost power. With the lights continuing to flicker she rushed to the com and began ordering data backups and assistance from any available parties to help her preserve some of the samples.

Everything was a mess. Just what was happening was beyond her. Her only concern became the preservation of the project. They couldn’t loose this. No matter what, she wouldn’t let all their work be for nothing. Allison continued to do what she could until help arrived.

Once others had made it to the lab she began coordinating the retrieval efforts with them. They might just be able to save this she thought to herself as the lights went out completely. Power had been lost in every facet of the lab as well as the surrounding area. Things just seemed to go from bad to worse, so, from save her mind went to salvage protocols. Feeling her way to a supply station she corralled the lab team together and distributed containment helmets.

With the headlights they all continued to collect and contain samples until finally some power seemed to return. Presumably the reserve power Allison instructed the others to continue as she planned to get to her office. Upon reaching the door she found that it wouldn’t budge. Given safety protocols, if power is ever lost, secure doors are released to allow for safe exiting unless already under containment protocols. But given there was no alarm there shouldn’t’ve been a reason for such an issue.

After a few attempts to get the door unsealed Allison called to the others for help. Still unable to get out the group began to get weary. Without full power they wouldn’t be able to use communicators and while within containment mode, every room is sealed with individualized life support systems taking over. With such being the case they were all looking at suffocating if the main power didn’t come back on. All they could do now was wait and perhaps what no strictly scientific mind wants to admit, pray.