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June 6th, 20XII

I never realized how wondrous this world could be. It's just so vast and full of such wonders. I wonder if the Master knew of such wonders? I bet he did. He had to. He knew everything.

Its been almost 6 months since he died. I can't believe someone could take advantage of such a gracious man's kindness. It makes me so mad but, as the Master always said, "Your emotions are like water, they rise and fall, but with temperance and practice such a thing as control can be possible." Well yes, there is a time and a place. And, I now this is neither.

I've been on this train for a few days and am running low on water. Though the signs seem to point to the east I must say I wasn't ready for such drastic climate changes. It's a bit warm for this suit but as the Master always said, "You show respect to others by respecting yourself. Look and present yourself at your greatest will be treated as such." I do miss him.

Though I won't let that cloud my judgment. I just need to return his prized momento to its rightful place. Gee I hope the person who took it will be willing to give it back. I guess time will tell. As the Master always said,"Things happen, always. So, there is never nothing and always hope."

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