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March 9th, 20XII

"The world is a swirling mass of energy. We are all but parts of something unfathomably larger.

Order can be sought through chaos as in all chaos there is the spawn of that which shall bring order.

Our essence traverses the universe in forms that fall short of divinity. To be one with the ether of existence is to know absolute truths.

The seas doth come alive in these times as if prophecy of the coming hardship. Whether oblivion rears its head as it has so many times past, faith and hope shall not be lost.

The approach however faint does not escape all gaze. This location's purpose will come to be known and the renewed paths made aware from this time on shall hold that which shall fold or unfold the very fabric of this plane.

An end comes to me as it shall so many others. Natural or unnatural, the fates have decreed what is to pass. In my time I was not allowed to show favoritism however, I still hope.

My adoptive son's path is stained as is his past. His will is strong. Let that be enough for him in my passing." - The Great Master

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