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February 26th, 20XII

Hey Journal,

I'm in a terribly good mood right now. Here it is, the beginning of another week... the end of a week. I think I've finally found a place at school. I actually made it the entire week without getting beat up. Not even once! Hard to believe for even me. I have to say though that I'm sure Bianca's gift has helped in that regard. A bandanna with a smile on it. It's perfect.

Things just don't get any better. Life's settling down quite nicely and it really does look like a sense of peace is returning. Student enrollment seems to be on the rise as well. Things are finally getting back to normal. Yup.

I'm really looking forward to school tomorrow. I don't think I even know why really. Maybe this is what I'd been missing this whole time. This feeling. It's indescribable but it's just, pure. A great feeling. Hmm I think I'm finally, sincerely, happy. I wouldn't trade this for anything. I have a life. I have my best friend. I'm not alone anymore. Ah, to good days. I look on to such a bright future.

Hmm, write you later Journzies.

- Mael

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