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February 17th, 20XII

Hey Journzies,

Okay, well what can be said now? It's been a whole week now since I've started going to school. My mother's still worried about me... for that matter so's my therapist. So I got roughed up a bit this week. Everyone gets bullied in high school. It's practically mandatory right? Besides, now that Bianca's finally feeling better now I'm no longer alone. I can't believe no clues to her brother's disappearance have been found yet. I want to help but I don't have any idea whatsoever where to start. that and when you're born without a mouth, nose, and ears people are less than willing to talk to you. Sometimes I wonder in maybe I was ever supposed to be born. I'm a freak in the most apparent sense. All these years and all the consultations and doctors still aren't sure how I'm even able to be alive. I can hear just fine and even smell. I even breath somehow but they don't understand how. And aside from having to be feed intravenously, everything else about me seems to be perfectly normal. Well I mean if you accept that I'm also super-mega smart. Lol. That always makes me laugh. My therapist hates when I refer to it that way since I'm very well one of the smartest people in the world apparently. In all honesty I'd rather just believe I'm just me and that such a thing is a trivial as how I survive.

I survive. The constant reminders that I'm doing so against quite very many laws of nature and probably physics don't help the will to do so. But then there's Bianca. I have to help her. She's done so much for me already by just being my friend. I hate hacking but maybe if I had access to the case reports maybe I could find something the authorities missed. I just hope that he isn't a casualty of the madman that'd been at large until late. That and I hope he doesn't come back either.

From his targets so far I've been able to deduce that he couldn't possibly have been caught yet. The media's still full of speculations and the silence of the police leads me to believe they've made little to no progress in that case either. I'm worried that my school may be next. Given the path of destruction, the probability is indeed quite high. But given all the publicity I just hope he stays out of the limelight... at least long enough till I can zero in on him. I will stop him. Before he has the chance to hurt her... or ANYONE else.

Jeez. I guess writing in you is easier than I thought. Hmm, who knew? Ah well, I think I'll end there. I'm too riled up. I'll never get to sleep now. Besides, these cases are more important anyway. Especially since the requirements for school are so limited I should have more than enough time to get this done.

Maybe I shouldn't've only completed half that placement exam. Then again, had I finished it I probably would've ended up in college. Can't do much for anyone there. Once things really get back to normal, that's when I'll feel okay with that. Yeah. Ah well, so I'm off before I start up again. Night Journzies.

- Mael

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