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February 12th, 20XII

Dear Journal,

Wow I can't believe how idiotic that sounds. But well I was advised to do this, after all. So here goes. Hello, "Journzies." It's me Mael. Mael Lehrer. I guess me and you are about to become good friends. ...friends. That's a funny term now that I think of it.

All my life I've never truly had many. Friends that is. It was either because of how smart I am or because of my...ailment. This is stupid. She told me I should write out my feelings. Not just because I can't speak but because of what happened...because of what IS happening. You see Journzy ole pal, yesterday marked my first day back in school. It's funny that it took a crisis to be able to convince the board to let me attend. But given the circumstances it really couldn't be more win-win. I finally get to experience life outside of this bubble and the school has a better chance of staying open. Of course there's also Bianca.

My one true friend. Bianca. Even with my condition, she's never looked at me or treated me any differently. To her I was just me. I could feel normal. And now I'll be going to the same school as her. Though given what happened, that hasn't exactly been much of a plus. You see, we haven't spoken since her brother, his friend Matheui, and a couple of other students from the school, disappeared a few weeks ago. I guess disappeared isn't the best choice of words but given that they're missing and no one saw them leave the school...well what can be said? Needless to say, as my only friend outside of my "support network"... with her not speaking with me... being in school, well its been quite a time.

I'm still optimistic though. Whoever it was that seems to have been targeting schools has seemingly stopped and things are beginning to get back to a sense of normalcy. Well I guess if anything in my life can be considered normal. ...I can't do this. I'll try again later, seeya Journal.

- Mael

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