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One to: 21, 20XII

Zueker. It was the name of the woman who turned Lucas Baise’s paradise into a hell. She stood before team Baise along with several members of her ‘Collectors’ with a demented smile as she grasped a katana made of bone. The weapon caught Davis’ eye. It was his master’s most prized possession. A memento from the master that taught his master. His quest was at a climax. Metzuirk standing before such a force smiled and clasping his hands together, prepared for battle as did the others of his group.

Guardian’s team had picked up a new addition. A young adult named Marshall Doxson. He was the only survivor of the experiments they had come across. Whether it was because he was the oldest of the test subjects or because of his unique ability, he survived. He survived and joined the cause to put an end to the horrific complex. His addition was a welcome surprise because by this point, the tide had begun to change. The lifeless corpses of the former inhabitants were being reanimated somehow. Filled with the unanimous desire to kill, Guardian’s team could use all the help they could as they made their way to Lehrer’s team.

Mael Lehrer; the boy genius. He had located the source of the enemy and after relaying that information, made his way there alongside MtC. Before meeting running into the undead opposition they had a bit of time to talk. Lehrer was taken back by the events that transpired in the other world for MtC. Matheui Rouzer and any thing that made up his original persona seemed to have died with Michael Lamb. Michael the Carver was someone else. There was nothing he could say to console his friend so they waited for the others in silence.

Baise made his way to Zueker paying little attention to her foot soldiers. Davis and Metzuirk soon found themselves separated from him as the Collectors took special interest in the two. Davis, a strong advocate for peaceful negations, tried to reason with the enemy forces first. Unsuccessful, he drew a pistol and short sword he’d recovered a couple months back during a confrontation with some Collectors. Looking to Metzuirk with concern over his ally’s lack of armament Davis was simply met with a smile as the fight began.

The corpses were endless. Technological graphs could be seen on each of their backs but getting to such a vital area proved quite the challenge for Guardian’s team. On the comm with Mael and Breadth Knight was running out of patience with their reassurances that they’d be able to disable the zombie-like offensive ‘shortly’. Guardian made the way while QB and Samson defended their flanks. Knight brought up the rear but with the weight of his armor and other gear he was hard-pressed to keep up such momentum. If he mad it out alive he swore he’d rework his suit incase he ever had to fight an army again.

It wasn’t long before Lehrer and MtC were overrun themselves. As Lehrer was occupied with a work-pad, trying to shut down the monsters in tandem with Dr. Breadth who stayed in their command center, MtC urged him to help with the hordes.  Using a combination of a pistol shaped energy weapon and throwing knives he was slowly being overwhelmed, even with his incredible marksmanship.

Davis and Metzuirk had their hands full. Although their enemies weren’t particularly skilled, the weapons they held made up for it greatly. Davis did his best to disarm the Collectors but with Baise and Zuerker moving further and further out of view he decided to change his focus. Metzuirk was holding his own. Ever though he was unarmed he took down many of the aggressors by focusing on disabling them as opposed to knocking them out. His skin shown with a reddish tint and Davis couldn’t help but be drawn in by his fighting style. It reminded him of one of the styles his master taught him.

Guardian’s team after finally rendezvousing with Lehrer and MtC took up defensive positions outside of the access point to the source. Done with all that he could do, Lehrer looked to MtC for a weapon. Giving him his gun MtC’s left arm changed to a shade of gray as his hand slid open, a long knife shooting out. In one swift motion the hand closed and his wrist snapped grasping the blade as it started to glow. Directing the others with the confidence and airs of a military general it now became a fight for time.

Baise gained a few new scars from Zueker but returning the favor as well. Their weapon were tinged with crimson and as both warriors choked on exhaustion, their breaths raggedy, the final strike was upon them. Getting ready to charge in, a shot from Davis disarmed Zuerker. Down to the last few Collectors, Metzuirk urged Davis to catch up with the two. Turning to Davis in a rage Baise wailed out to be met with the first sign of rage, or any negative emotion, Davis had showcased since they had all gathered. “My Master’s memento will NOT be used for death,” was all he said, Baise turning back o his true opponent as she tried to make her escape.  Baise, grunting, made chase leaving Davis to reclaim that which epitomized his most prized memory of his master. The Great Master of One who, was not merely a teacher but, as a father to him.

Making their way into the access point, teams Lehrer and Guardian found themselves in a large empty room. Lehrer explained that it was a junction point and that the platform they stood upon would take them to the level below--which would be were the source was. As Lehrer turned his attention to the work-pad the others took the time to catch their breath and refresh themselves. With all that had happened since the year began it was all starting to settle in. A lot of what they’d all seen and done seemed almost out of a movie or comic book. But with all the lives lost and the ones that continue to be at stake they weren’t green enough to believe it could be a dream they’d wake up from tomorrow, or that they’d all definitely be waking up ever again after all this was over.

Baise made his way through a corridor entering a large open area. He was shocked to find Guardian and the others, as was Davis and Metzuirk who had followed him in shortly after. Zuerker seemed to be nowhere in sight but Baise rage was quite clear. Turning it to the other he lashed out questioning them about her and what they had done. It took QB to settle him down enough just so that he’d listen to reason. It turned out that with all the hatred and anger he held within; he followed a code similar to Knight’s in regard to the treatment of women. By the time he was calm enough to accept that Zueker had given him the slip they all felt the floor shake, eventually starting to crumble from beneath them.

It was the end of the fourth day since they all joined together and together they now fell.

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