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Two to: 21, 20XII

Its been over hours since they entered the complex. Greeted by dismembered corpses and the stench of death three teams were developed and a plan of attack derived. Info, strike, and search/rescue. As Mael Lehrer and his team established a command center in which to go over schematics and to shut down the source, Lucas Baise's team went on the offensive. Albeit Baise's true goal being one of personal vengeance, his means served the ends. Leaving Guardian's team to search for survivors and clue to what had transpired before their arrival.

NYC Guardian is the name given to the most mysterious member of the search and rescue team. Sex undetermined, silent and stoic, Guardian stands as possibly the most powerful member of the group. Dawning a skin-tight body suit with armored gauntlets, boots, a chest plate, and helmet, Guardian leads his companions Knight, QB, and Samson.

He calls himself Knight of the Black King  His real name is Knight Polaris Blitzer. A vigilante on the streets of Queens, NY. A tinkerer at heart, he has created and forged many unique armaments for his crusade. The spring-blade, a gauntlet styled spring-snapping blade stands as his primary weapon with support gadgets such as crude explosives and an amalgam of the guts from a night vision scope and hearing aids worked into his full-faced helmet. He joined the search team to keep an eye on QB. Even in such an ear his name stands as more than a moniker as chivalry compels him.

Quantum Butterfly is what she calls herself. At the young age of 14, Sarah Chen found herself gifted with a greater than human power. In a year where the world seemed to mirror her home life she decided to do something with such a power. Making a name for herself in the heart of New York, it wasn't long before the New Jersey commuter found the catch in her newly improved prowess. Unsure of how she came into contact with the technology that granted her new abilities, the people who were developing it would make it clear just how much they wanted it back. Going so far as to bury her and the passengers of a a subway train alive, were it not for Guardian she surely would've died. spotting him during a patrol a mere few days earlier she followed him to Central Park officially becoming a player in the biggest gambit of life and death the world has seen since the last world war. QB now follows Guardian, taking solace in knowing the Guardian will level and playing field. Though Samson's purpose continues to elude her.

Halen Samson:  Runaway, depressed, looking for redemption. Samson's a young boy who found himself much like QB, the sudden recipient of a mysterious power. Unlike her, he has viewed such as a curse. He believes it has ruined him and any hope for a normal life. To randomly developed abilities and unknown durations and at unpredictable moments had done nothing but isolate him and cause suffering. Like the fire. Were it not for Guardian he may have died. Finally reconnected with his hero he joined the group in hope of gaining some guidance from the only other person who’s as big a freak as him.

The team has been searching for hours through the many levels of the complex until stumbling across something worse than the massacred bodies of its former employees. Whoever was running this show was experimenting on children. One desire rang true amongst the team.

Please let those children be okay.

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