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Three to: 21, 20XII

Twelve hours have passed since the start of the siege. Making there way through the initial platform, the adventurers found their way to a massive complex. Question after question piling up they decided to split up. Recovering some kind of communication device they split into three teams. Being met by horrors upon entering the complex, they found a survivor and now she leads Lehrer as his team tries to piece together just what is going on.

His name is Mael Lehrer. Over the course of this year he has been threatened, blown up, and arrested. At 14 years old he is blessed with above genius-level intellect. Yet he's curse with a debilitating condition that left him without a physical mouth, nose, or ears. He has had a hard life constantly being shunned by children and adults alike but now he faces his greatest challenge yet. The world is imploding but there's a face to the evil influence. Someone inside this underground complex that screams government has been proliferating the global scale terrorism and destruction. It was no surprise that there'd be others who'd be able to find the location as well but to be reunited with one of his lost friends in the midst of battle would bring about countless enigmas for many a time to come.  On his way currently to a control room in the complex, he's accompanied by he newly found friend and led by a researcher found mere feet away from the entrance.

She is Allison Breadth, a researcher with a doctorate in biological sciences. Three days ago she was making remarkable progress in a highly confidential project that would revolutionize the way common pollutant rich emission would be repurposed. She was proud and ecstatic especially after a slew of incidents involving a near death experience when a system-wide power failure forced a lab by lab isolation protocol trapping her and a number of members of her team in a room that was then scheduled for sanitization. By what could only be described as a scientist's most dreaded conclusion, a miracle, she survived. Putting that incident behind her she continued on with her work. As a woman of science, setbacks were to be expected however, so was calamity. Yesterday after another lab's project broke loose things became truly grim as it began slaughter any and all that got near it.  As if developing a mind of its own it took over the complex's security and proceeded to lock every in, murdering any who dare try to escape. Making it so far as to the main entrance, her and a number of other researchers were attacked and again by what could only be described as a miracle she was left, in a pile of fallen associates, but at least, alive. It is now that she finds herself making her way further into the 'murder-plant' leading two young boys in hope that they along with the rest of their team can stop whatever has happened. Though another reason appeared for her to agree to such terms when so close to escape. Both of the boys had the most 'intriguing physical anomalies. One lacking, in essence, a face. The other equipped with an artificial biomechanical arm and eye made from a material and at a technological level far beyond anything she'd ever seen before. She had no desire to die but as a scientist, there was no way she could pass up the opportunity to study such technology.

His name was Matheui Rouzer. Almost a year ago he was transported alongside his best friend Michael Lamb to a strange world where two factions were at war with one another. Faced with fighting or dying the, two boys chose the former in hopes of somehow making it back home. After months of hell in a world blessed with such amazing technologies being used solely to create new ways of killing, the boys found a lead that may take them back. During the mission however, Matheui lost his left arm when he was confronted by the leader of the opposing army. Shot in his thigh, he awaited the end when Michael sacrificed himself to save him. After that day Matheui abandoned his old life and hope of ever making it back. Taking up the title given to his fallen friend by the enemy forced. He became Michael the Carver. Equipped with a new arm, an artificial eye like the one his friend was given after loosing one in an earlier battle and an upgraded version of Michael’s weapon, Rouzer took charge as a leader. As Michael the Carver or MtC he continued the fight until during a sortie he found himself and many of those around him, transported back to his own world. He made it but things weren’t the same anymore, he wasn’t the same anymore. Tagging along with Mael Lehrer to be caught up with what had transpired while he was gone, he found himself distracted. It was a lot to take in but after all he’d already been through, he was having the hardest time trying to figure out how Lehrer was talking.

He was called “Shiny Suit Man.” His real name however is Benjamin Gray Davis. In his travels from Alaska he had met many kind people but more times than not a lot of the not-so-kind were the ones he associated with. After finding his master slain and the master’s prize memento stolen, Davis felt he had to recover it. Engaging in the ritual memento making of the fallen, he forged a coat including samples of the very veins of his teacher. After burying the closest person he had to a father, he donned a suit, held a funeral and made off on his quest. Always seemingly a few steps behind the killer-thief, he had many battles and even recovered a number of other stolen mementos along the way. Though hesitant at first to use the items he soon learned that without their help he may never achieve his goal. As a student of the art of chi manipulation he was able to utilize many of the recovered items in much more masterful ways than those in procession of them. And with the memento of his master being able to become nearly impenetrable, he made for a fierce adversary. Upon hearing of Baise’s circumstances he joined him in his quest for the one known as ‘Zuerker’.

Referred to as the ‘Demon Ten Blade’ by many, Lucas Baise stood as a man over six feet tall and filled with rage. He was an orphan having been separated from his family at a young age but when he was taken in by a man known as the “Great Master’ he had finally found some peace. Still filled with anger however, Baise grew up in the Great Master’s monastery with just over a hundred more pupils of the master’s martial art. There he had three close companions that became as brothers to him. New students arriving wasn’t a cause for concern until the day she showed up. Breea Zuerker. Swearing revenge Baise walked the path of blood. Taking each of his brothers blades along during his quest with a solemn vow he left a trail of bodies that finally led him to Central Park, New York. It was a harsh journey from New Zealand but nothing would deter him. Not even the loss of an arm when he caught up to the associate of Zuerker’s who had his master’s memento.

Coining the title ‘Alchemist,’ the mysterious man known as Amedais Metzuirk joined in with Davis and Baise. At 37 years old he stands at perhaps the oldest member of the group of 10. Not a practitioner of martial arts or having lost anyone or a memento, his reasons for tagging along with those two is unknown. Guided to the spot in New York by a “convergence of ominous energies.” Metzuirk’s alliance with Zuerker has been a big issue with Baise. Fairly stoic, it was at the behest of Davis that an altercation between the two has been put off. Coming from Antarctica, his aversion to heavier clothing only continues to baffle the others. Although he seems to hold skills that would make him formidable, including the ability to see energies, his mannerisms make it hard for anyone to connect with him. Even with that however, Lehrer still choice to give him an earpiece for the team of three. Perhaps seeing something in him that the others don’t or making the logical choice based on Baise’s reluctance to accept help from anyone and Davis’ almost gullible child-like innocence, Metzuirk stands as a means of relaying information to Lehrer to help piece together the puzzle that stands before them all.

It's the 18th of December and the final battle is underway.

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