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Four To: 21, 20XII

The sun slowly continues its decent over the horizon as a figure clad in blue stands atop a mound in Central Park, NYC. A young girl in pink, white, and blue attire stands with him looking ever anxious but at the behest of a solemn 'wait,' she regains her composure.

It's a cold December 17th. The year is 2012 and the world, as most have known it, has changed drastically. The steady increase in urban terrorism and suicides in the United States alone have left a deep scar across the pages history will record. Even with all the pain and suffering, mankind's potential for compassion has stood ever vigilant. Within all the turmoil and strife a cause has finally been identified and an end lies in wait for the those who gather in the name of justice and righteousness.

The two soon become four and explanations grow to become a larger part of their shared desire for resolution. Two young boys join them next within minutes of one another. All standing before the mysterious figure who by this time has been identified as the famed 'NYC Guardian.' As if as herald of the inner meanings of existence, itself they all stood eager for some sense of clarity. The sun continues to set.

The world had seen better ages. The masses were giving in to primal urges and time had become a precious commodity. Hysteria rampant, the night brought all manner of demon and monster from man through the machinations of depravity and affiliation. One conundrum existed within the chaos. Simply, 'why?' A growing tension rose as days turned to weeks and eventually months. No one could be prepared for the level of devastation wrought by the delusion of apocalypse. The sky's on fire, tinged with orange and red as the city grows silent making way for the darkness.  Two more men join the fold and the Guardian finally speaks.

Resting a hand on the shoulder of one of the two boys, Guardian utters one word and leaves again to the silence. The others gaze intently on the youngster as he stands there, hands in the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt, a bandanna where a large tooth-showing smile graphic is tied around his nose and mouth. Resting his palms on his face he takes a deep breath speaking the the first thing on his mind. "My name is Mael Lehrer...." Stopping briefly, struck with bewilderment, he quickly restrains his awe and continues.

Lehrer spoke of his investigation and how everything pointed to the spot they'd all converged upon. He told them about how he knew of many of them already. How he had seen some of the exploits of the vigilantes 'Black Knight', 'Quantum Butterfly', and 'Shiny Suit Man'. How he had heard about the runaway Halen Samson who'd been suspected of arson. But the other two gentlemen stood as mysterious as Guardian. One of the men was of a semi-muscular build, bearded with disheveled hair, wearing a pair of slacks and a long sleeve shirt without socks or footwear of any type. The other was really tall and covered in scars. He was missing his left arm and eye but stood armed with several bladed weapons and hadn't spoken a word since they'd all gathered. Amedais Metzuirk, the bearded man, keep pretty quiet as well but seemed awfully interested in Lucas Baise, the swordsman.

As Lehrer continued to ask for information from everyone to figure out the best way to approach the situation at hand Baise began to grow terribly impatient. When Benjamin Davis, 'Shiny Suit Man', mentioned that he found his way there as he was on a quest to retrieve a memento that someone stole after killing his master Baise really lost all reserve. No longer content to follow alongside some 'child' he unsheathed a kabana located at his hip and made his way forward. Before anyone could say anything however, an explosion erupted before them revealing a platform in the center of a lake. Things began to get stranger and stranger as what appeared to be armored guards began to rise out of the platform. Armed with long staff with a short wide blade attached the the end. The weapon heavy guards topped out at 50 and began to converge on the intruders. A flash of excitement appeared across Baise's face as he charged in. Lehrer appreciative towards the confirmation that they were indeed in the right place turned to Guardian in which he was simply met with, "We fight." So, it began.

Outnumbered almost seven to one the odds were not in their favor. In a short amount of time Baise was able to determine the lack of a human compnent in the armors which alleviated some of the hesistation. Before long however, QB came to learn of the enemy's electrified blades. It was as if a war were taking place. Guardian, Metzuirk, and QB fought with their bare hands. While Baise and Knight fought with blades, Lehrer took charge of Halen and Davis directing them as they commendered some of the strange weapons and attempted to disperse the enemy.

Even with the fight on so many fronts they were still ding overwhelmed. Loosing stamina against the tireless androids it appeared as though this would be their last night. The situation was terrible and then everything changed. the area seemed to shift for a moment and on the return a large number of people made the lake their new home. With the new intrusions attention of the mobilized metal turned giving the group the respite they needed. Circumstances were looking to turn regardless of details until Lehrer glanced someone he knew. Someone who was a big part of his drive to even begin investigating in the first place. It was a teenaged boy. Fighting in the center again the robots and what looked like the others that appeared alongside him. This was the worst possible situation Lehrer could've conceived when faced with finding the brother of the girl he loved. Grabbing a discarded staff Lehrer rushed in to help, wailing out the name of the hope he tried to keep alive for the last year. 'Michael!?'

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